Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday! Not unless its Blackpool Vs Wreham

Ok ok...its bad enough the Yanks have pretty much bought their way into the Premier League..but now they are taking our time honoured sporting names..SUPER TUESDAY is for fantastically dull lower league english soccer matches hyped up to the last by SKY Sports...anything to get viewers to tune in for 90 minutes of absulute boredom...

So why do the US call it Super Tuesday? is it to create a sense of excitment or drive in voters....or both!

Either way get your own name for it..thousands of unsuspecting males tuned into Sky sports last night expecting to see a classic from League Two only to find wall to wall coverage of John McCain kicking ass (always think of John McClain..its more fun that way!)


The Patriot said...

Super Tuesday Rocks - Go Obama!

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