Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Special Year?

Hello friend’s god it’s been quite some time since my last musing. Is this blog that will follow an expression of thought that has been floating around my head for the past few days, or is it, in fact, a blog of necessity and a shameless attempt to accumulate hits? Well the truth is that it may well lie in between.

As we now settle into the cold rainy days of February, I look towards the New Year with the inherent optimism of my character, yet, also with a thin veil of trepidation. There are many other events, achievements, failures and moments on the horizon in 2008 which as of yet remain a mystery.

So in the spirit of adventure, expectation, anticipation The Special One has made some predictions for the New Year. Feel free to comment your reactions and opinions or even some predictions of your own.

1) The Bors will win 2008 Leitrim Senior Championship.
2) Bertie Ahern will resign to be replaced by Brian Cowen.
3) Hillary Clinton will become president of the USA.
4) I will finally conquer the ticket machines for the DART.
5) Manchester United will win two trophies.
6) Liverpool will win 0 trophies, it will then be 19 years of not winning the league.
7) Known companions will all sigh and curse me due to that prediction, then bow their heads as it rings true.
8) Kerry will win the Three in a Row.
9) Waterford will finally win Liam.
10) Sunderland will stay up.
11) The Panel will continue to get worse, to the point of unwatchability.
12) Fair City will remain the only relevant, important reflection of modern real life.
13) The Smiths will not reform.
14) Vincent Ventresca will continue to not be Kyle McLauchlan.
15) Podge’s Dogs will continue to be largely ignored. (Hello Chester!)
And Finallly...........
16) The Special One will leave.

The Special One.

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