Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Smuigin Re-Surfaces...

Hey..we're back...after months of inactivity (due to THE MAN!) we have regrouped, refocused and are making a comeback.

Its been so long in fact that even blogger has changed..it took us over an hour to get back in..thanks a lot helpful tips!

Things sure have changed here in Walton's Mountain...The Special One is gone, Big Sam & Little Sam are at the dole office together...Eddie O Sullivan is the most shook looking manager still standing and well Cork...Cork just dont want to play anymore until somebody apologies or something...

Oh the FAI havent managed to appoint a new manager yet...even Stan has managed to get a job in the meantime.

Anyway stay tuned...Smuign is back,...Special One & Savage Tom are bound to follow.

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