Saturday, February 09, 2008

Eddie's Waterloo....

Is today going to be the defining point in Eddie O'Sullivans tenure? Will Ireland's most successfull rugby football coach perish on the one part of the planet he has struggled most! In years to come I doubt the poor man will ever holiday in France.

So today we take on the French, a nation who proudly got rid of half the World Cup squad and with a string of debutants pretty much destroyed a brave Scotland with an exhibition of ball in hand rugby.

Eddie through a combination of poor form and injury has had his hand forced and picked the team that Hook, Pope and O'Shea have been calling for. It now of course looks like he has bowed to media pressure - shedding his last great strong point - his stubborness. For all the ups and downs of Eddie's tenure he has always done it his way - picking his team - playing his subsitutes when and where he felt like it. This to me afforded him a certain respectability and also gave him a bit of rope with the media, pundits and public.

But what happens today in Paris if Ireland are beaten comprehensively. There wont be any more rope for our Eddie! Sadly as always his future will lie in the hands of the media and public pressure.

Declan Kidney..keep you mobile on just in case.

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Supporter said...

Close but no cigar...the forwards saved his skin...out wide and in midfield we were really lacking spark!