Monday, May 08, 2006

Why I love been Irish...

Its one of the funny things about been Irish, we are required by our birth right to always look for the advantage over the ould enemy! For some reason or another, as an Irishman, I cant help it, you always support the team playing England whether it’s the All Blacks in rugby, Pakistan in Cricket or my personal favourite Sweden in soccer, no wonder everyone loves the craic mad IRISH.

Unfortunately in a cruel twist of fate we as a sporting nation seem destined to always fall short…our sporting achievements have never really gone beyond the dizzy heights of Italia 90 when Packie saved the penalty from the guy named after a shampoo.

But all is not lost…no no England will always have a role to play..and boy do we enjoy it…just got their provisional World Cup squad…I think it is fair to say we are safe for another four years!!!

Sven-Goran Eriksson's provisional squad for the World Cup finals in Germany:
Robinson (Tottenham) - solid keeper..but needs to stay away from the dodgy hotel food

James (Manchester City) - …ah calamity…I just hope Robinson gets injured and we can all watch the fun begin...

Green (Norwich) - Ah yes the only other English goalie in England..apart from sicknote

G Neville (Manchester United) - Good old Neveiller…..solid..but he cant cover for Rio all the time...

R Ferdinand (Manchester United) - Consistency in a world gone mad..ha ha ha ha ha

Terry (Chelsea) - Blood & Guts..but you watch his lack of pace will be exposed...A

Cole (Arsenal) - just back from injury..crap defensively

Campbell (Arsenal) - Whats the ditty about Humpty Dumpty….

Carragher (Liverpool) - Best centre half in England..but no chance of a game for the scouser

Bridge (Chelsea) - Totally useless..what is he doing there…maybe he walks Erikissons dogs or something..

Beckham (Real Madrid) - Im still waiting to see what the World Cup haircut will be..will either get sent off or miss a peno!!

Carrick (Tottenham) - Ah Jamie Redknapp reborn..the king of the sideways pass

Lampard (Chelsea) - Quality player..but knackered after a long two seasons

(Liverpool) - Quality player..but maybe one more dodgy backpass in him?

Hargreaves (Bayern Munich) - WHO? Watercarrier

Jenas (Tottenham) - View above

(Middlesbrough) - Untried but clearly about to be the darling of the McClaren era (all ten months of it)

J Cole (Chelsea) - ah the trickster..could be a star…but will be track back when it counts?

(Tottenham) - England better hope its not windy in Germany….

Rooney (Manchester United) - Still Englands best player even on one leg

Owen (Newcastle) - Whats he up to..its almost like he doenst want to go?

Crouch (Liverpool) - View Lennon..confirms that Niall Quinn was in fact skillfull

Walcott (Arsenal) - Thank you David Dein...


Rambo must die said...

Rooney to come on in last 20 mins of semi finals..but he will be so short of match fitness he will make two lunging tackles and get sent off...England lose...Rooney cries and Pizza Hut get a new advertising campaign!!

The Chairman said...

Poor old Phil 'Our kid' Neville not only does he does he have to put with playing for David Moyes lot but he has once again missed out on another World Cup...ah poor old Phil..Jack of all trades...master of none!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new Irish Kid on the block..Terry Dixon...doenst half look like a young John Hartson!!...please please please..Terry stay off the pies...

T&T Official Fan said... the review sons and daughters of Ireland we must stand in opposition to England. Seein as we arent there...we should row in behind a team with fans as crazy as us..a team in need of support..a team playing England...Let us form the Irish wing of the Trinidad & Tobago fan club!!

Anonymous said...

Yah Trinidad man...just watch for the four paddy's with the red bushy wigs that will be caught on tv when England face the Mighty T&T!

An Smuigin said...

hmm interesting..perhaps we will dedicate a World Cup diary to the T&T Team...might as well pin our hopes with boys from the Carribean...stay tuned for future updates!!

Hotspur said...

Im afriad I must disagree completly with the malovolent sentiments of our "enlightened" blogger.As an Irishman I am gutted that we wont be there but I wish the English team all the best. As a loyal and passionate Spurs supported I hope Robinson, Carrick, Jenas, Lennon and maybe the J Dizzle(Defoe) come back to White Hart Lane with World Cup medals. Oh and this Terry Dixon young lad. Ugly motherf**ker. Nevertheless he joins the legion of Irishmen in the Tottenham cohort. Come on you Spurs.

An Smuigin said... dear misguided can cheer all you want for England..because in a team dominated with Spurs offence but 5th team in league!!..and without Rooney havent a prayer...stop this foolishness and join the Irish Wing of the Trinidad and Tobago fan club!!

Hotspur said...

Ah an smuigin. my poor misguided blogger. Your love of the Trinidad team is misplaced. The t and t team is as english as tea and crumpets. Their squad for a recent friendly included Tony Warner(Fulham keeper), Chris Birchall( Port Vale, born in Stafford), Some guy called Shakes(from gillingham), Shaka Hislop(born in London i think). Also names of other englishmen have been mentioned as joining the squad such as bobby zamora and jlold samuel. Despite appearing with england at underage level these players are all expected to appear in the t and t squad. The substance of the team are merely players intent on flying the flag of convenience. Comparisons can be drawn to the Irish team of the 80s and 90s. T and T is another english team competing under a different flag. Il support the english team with better quality.