Monday, May 22, 2006

Munster - A state of mind!

Bono once wrote a ballad called 'One', in it he speaks of how we all have "one life, one love, for each other, sisters, brothers, were not the same but we carry each other", now I don't know if Bono or any of the lads in U2 are Munster fans but I don't think anyone could have failed to been moved by the emotional outpouring that took place in Cardiff and across all of this lovely green isle during the last three days.

Im not going to try and sway you with my opinions on the match, nor will I try to out draft the many scribes who have covered and will cover this famous occasion but what I will try and due is explain what it was like to be there - to experience what I can only encapsulate as spiritual.

Despite the provincial origins of the team, the Munster team and its loyal band of followers has transcended these borders. Munster supporters come in all shapes and sizes, cut across all social strata, men women and children from every corner of Ireland have embraced the Munster mindset, many have direct links with the rugby capital of Ireland, some don't, but all are 'ONE' together as part of the immovable sea of red.

Sitting, standing, jumping, screaming, cursing in the stand in Cardiff as part of the red wave I was struck by a thought..What is it the appeals so much about Munster, the demi-god that is Paul O'Connell summed it up in one word - prevails throughout the team and its supporters. It has to be honesty..only honesty could allow perfect strangers to hug each other and cry with delight as the mighty men of Munster lifted the holiest of grails aloft and with it Irelands greatest ever sporting achievement.

The game almost seems lost to me now, the emotion of the occasion dominated, there will be plenty of time for refection in the days ahead. And then we partied..and oh how we partied - never has Cardiff seen a party like it and in all honesty probably will never see its like again. We didn't leave the stadium for a good hour!

I don't know if anything can ever top this - for now I must suffer the emotional hangover of all hangovers - safe in the knowledge..I am but 'One'


Anonymous said...

Well said..I was there too..I actually spent the wkd with a bunch of lads from Galway..we are all One together..Munster AbĂș

daithi said...

I think the strongest symbol I saw of the uniting spirit of the occasion was seeing the flags hanging out at both ends of the Ballina/Killaloe bridge. It's a rare occasion when those two town are united by sport.

Leahy is an Artist said...

Savage Tom told me rugby is for quare hoors who can't hurl rightly.

Rambo Must Die said...

Magic weekend..simply magic...Irelands Greatest Ever Sporting Achievement! It was like an All Ireland Wkd and Ireland were playing in it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh jaysus Smuigin...even Kevin Myers is agreeing with you now. View Irish Independent 25th May!!!