Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Emmet in Oz - THE MATCH

Im not even sure if this post will make it to ye. If it has to travel through the south Munster coast before reaching the rest of Ireland Id say even the computers will be hung over! What a win! How naive I was to feel nervous. The truth was that they just couldnt loose. They wouldnt go home if they did. Legends! Heroes! Tuatha De Dannan in waiting! Surely O Connell is up there with Boru and Cu Cullan. Not to mention Foley at the head of the table with Leamy and Wallace either side.
They tried to shake me over here. Bloody convicts, with an hour to kick off the power went out. Panic from Condon! Rang every bar that served Guinness in Western Australia. They were watching the Celtic game…. the lot of them. Not too many of Limerick's son's setteled this side of the Shannon it seems. 5 minutes to go the stars aligned. God bless the ESB!

Poor oul Leinster looked shocked when they ran out. Most of them weren't that lost in their own house since their 21st was gatecrashed by a bunch of Engineer's and Ag students from UCD.

Drico resorted to shaking his head by the end. When he'd seen Rob Henderson heading for the West stand before the game he presumed it was on the way to the burger van out the back not to the dressing rooms. If there ever was a man to fill a gap it was Hendo. Should he hang up his boots after this the Munster branch should keep him on and rent him out to beleagured farmers with fencing problems.

As for Felipe, the Argentine learned the hard way the real reason his ancestors on the Spanish Armada stayed off Kinsale - a Corkman has as much red blood running through his veins than any Latin Lord, and a Corkman scorned is a dangerous thing - the truth of Kinsale is probably that the Cork fella's wouldnt have the Spanish steal their thunder.

It's surely no coincidence that the final is in Cardiff. A stadium built for a Red Army. I'll still be nervous, but those Mighty Men will surely do it now..

Munster Abú


An Smuigin said...

An Smuigin came across this on the email...I think it says it all...

Dear Lynnster supporter (all 16 of you),

Where to start? Ok, in no particular order then ( bit like your forwards display ):

1. Thanks for taking out Toulouse for us - nice gesture, we really appreciate it.

2. Love the way you and your journos raised yourselves higher than God over the last 3 weeks - loved even more taking you back down to earth

3. Thanks for selling us most of your ticket allocation - and you were surprised when you saw the sea of red? You just don't get it, do you?

4. Thanks for the fabulous weather on the day - perfect for Lynnsters running game!

5. Thanks for losing by such a margin that there can be no " what if's" over the next 100 years

6. Special thanks to Felipe for spectacularly losing the head when rattled by Dennis

7. On behalf of my friends in St John's Ambulance, thanks for a wonderful opportunity to put our Heimlich manoveurs to the test, although next time could you phone in advance to specify that there will be 15 chokers, not just the usual 2 or 3 - you nearly caught us off guard there.

8. Thanks to Girv the Swerve for recapturing his form of last 3 seasons at just the opportune moment. It was a close run thing but cometh the hour, cometh the choker......

9. Thanks to Brown Thomas for cancelling the sale - at least there were some Lynnster supporters in their home ground for their biggest challenge ever ( oops, nearly forgot about Perpignan 2003 - refresh my memory, wasn't that a 30 pointer as well? )

10.Trevor wants to thank Guy for the pass ( how can you have a guy called Guy on your team and expect to be taken seriously ?)

11. Ronan wants to thank ' Big Mal' for thinking we were playing tip rugby

12. Thanks to Reggie for his standard knock on in a promising attacking position - you can always rely on Reggie

13. We'd like to thank the fella in the second row with Mal for not turning up at all - another super Lynnster Southern Hemisphere investment - does anyone know his name or if he actually touched the ball?

14. Thanks to Checks and Knoxy for getting the Lynnster boys to actually believe that they could beat Munster - makes the victory all the sweeter!

The Back of Beyond said...


Choose getting to the semi-foinals of the European Cup for only, loike, the second time and losing the COMPLETE run of yorselves, Choose to get off yor orses for the forst toime ever and follow your team South of France and then pretend that yor, loike, the BEST supporters EVER, Choose Blackrock or Moichaels or Clongowes, Choose not to have any songs to sing, Choose brown-nosing, Choose Koileys, Choose never to get to a European final.

Choose a bloke at 10 who you paid thousands for but then forgot to fill in the forms (I was loike SO going to do it but then I spilled loike creme bruleé ALL over my chinos man), Choose to delude yourselves into thinking that David Wallace wont eat Contepomi for breakfast, while O'Connell is cutting him up some Darcy and O’Driscoll steaks (oh yeah), Choose Puerto Banus Choose polo shirts and a Pringle jumper over yor shoulders, Choose a pack of forwards that couldn’t beat an egg, Choose a Welsh reject for a scrum-half.

Choose to change yor coach every year, Choose to lose half yor team to English clubs in the summer, Choose to believe that if you don’t get yor double orange mocha choca frappuccino in the morning its SO the worst day EVER, Choose to not have any passion (unless its the piece of fruit yor Mummy gave you going out the door in the morning), Choose to waste thousands on resurfacing your home pitch but then focking it up time after time after time.

Choose to ignore anyone without a private school background, Choose 5 man rugby, Choose having a significant representation on the worst Lions team ever, Choose to accept consistent failure.... Choose Leinster

Brian O'Driscoll said...

You're loike totally a wenker, roight, okay loike.

Anonymous said...

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