Monday, June 19, 2006

Germany 06 - What have we learned so far…..

Germany are destined to get to at least the quarterfinals

England look great on paper rubbish in real life

Ronaldo is actually gaining weight as the tournament progresses

Kaka is a genuine class act

Any day now the Dutch will have a row

The referees are completely useless, although we do love the Mexican ref…slicked back hair!

The Italians will do well.mainly out of fear, as many are due to be indicted as soon as they go back to Rome

Peter Crouch can't really head a ball

Argentina look unbeatable

Ivory Coast shouldn't be going home

Togo want to go home

Stuart Downing is Steve McClaren's love child - nothing else explains it

Ecuador can play at sea level

23 out of the 26 man Serbia & Montenegro squad are Serbian…best of luck Montenegro!!

Feel free to add…


Rambo Must Die said...

Also..rumour has it Zindane is running the French Team, Henry hates him, as a result Zinedane wont pass him the ball and the coach..well the coach is a watercarrier!

Mark Heenan said...

England have midfielders to burn

By denying space to superior opponents lesser-fancied teams can spring surprises

Make Sven a Saint said...

4 strikers brought, 2 carrying injured, one freak show, one kid. Proven premiership strikers left at home..Give that man the freedon of Dublin!

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