Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GAA X-Factor -Search for the ULTIMATE FAN

An Smuigin has learned that the GAA & TG4 are about to sink to all new depths..with the first official GAA X-Factor Search for the FAN. The idea been that fans get 90second slots to convince the jury that they are the biggest/most committed GAA fans in the country. No gets worse..guess who is the GAA's Simon Cowell....none other than GER Loughnane!!! This is going to be compulsory viewing..Smuigin has tried to think of a couple of requirements all serious contenders must fulfil before been allowed on the TG4. Cause lets face it, we really only want to watch the lunny tunes!!...

All candidates must at present or in the past have;

Eatin hang sandwiches out of the boot of the car/tractor/trailer on the way to a game

Drank warm tea from and old paddy power whiskey bottle

Know every father and mother of each team member prior to the game, only then does the statement, "sure isnt he of good stock!" truly apply

Asked a dublin publican for TK Red Lemonade

Eatin Choc Ice icecreams without fear of reprisal on the way through Drumcondra

An Smuign dares you to add more!!!


Anonymous said...

Has written a letter into a local paper giving out about the state of the team.

Has been asked to leave the dressing room at some time

Sprayed spittle on the faces of team player

Has occupied the pitch in protest against a referees decision

Rambo Must Die said...

Has hoped the wire to puck the head of a selector/player/waterboy

Has insisted his daughters play with the lads to toughen them up for senior in a few years!

Has bollocked the local priest out of it when he prays for both teams! bastard..

Anonymous said...

Modern example: has bought the replica jersey for his town team.

Anonymous said...

He has offered sexual favours to the referee prior to a championship game. 'Taken one for the team'so to speak

Rambo must Die said...

Guinness launches nationwide search for fanatical hurling supporters
26 June 2006

Six fans to battle it out on TG4 for the ultimate title and prize Premium seat in Croke Park and Eu10,000 prize money up for grabs.

GUINNESS has launched a major nationwide search for the country’s most fanatical hurling supporter. The eventual winner will be crowned “The GUINNESS - Champion of Fans” live on TG4 the night before this year’s All-Ireland final.

Auditions will be held in six locations around the country, starting June 28th, and will be filmed by TG4. One winner will be selected from each audition to battle it out weekly on the “GUINNESS - All-Ireland Champion of Fans” series which will be broadcast as a 5 minute segment in “GAA 2006” at 8.30pm every Monday from 17th July.

At the auditions, fans will have 90 seconds to convince the judges that they are the most committed and fanatical fan in their county.

The judging panel will include RTE pundit Tomas Mulcahy, Today FM’s Paul Collins and Ger Loughnane in the “Simon Cowell” role.

Hurling stars Davy Fitzgerald, Tony Browne and Gary Hannify were at today’s launch “Hurling fans are a different breed, they are so committed to the game, not just to their counties” said Fitzgerald “Their support means everything in a tough game, it’s great to see them acknowledge in this way”

Rob Newlan, Brand Manager, GUINNESS - said “This competition is a great opportunity for fans to shine. It’s an acknowledgement of the huge effort hurling fans everywhere make to support their team, giving them a chance to be recognised in front of a TV audience. We know real fans will travel to the audition nearest their county and we are sure to meet some great characters along the way”.

The final of the competition will be broadcast live on TG4 at 7.15pm on the night before the GUINNESS - All-Ireland Hurling Final and the lucky overall winner will receive two premium level seats in Croke Park for every All-Ireland Hurling Championship match in 2007 and 2008, plus Eu10,000.

TG4 Ceannasa Pol Gallchair said: "TG4 is delighted to give the thousands of loyal hurling supporters throughout the country an opportunity to compete for this fantastic honour".

Auditions will take place between 6pm and 9pm on the following


| 28th June | Waterford |Mount Sion GAA Club, |

| 28th June | Cork |Na Piarsigh GAA Club, |

| 29th June | Belfast |St Paul’s GAA Club |

| 29th June | Ennis | Queens Hotel, Abbey St, |
| | | Ennis, |

| 6th July | Dublin | Croke Park |

| 6th July | Galway |Kingsvalley Hotel, Galway

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