Thursday, October 19, 2006

All Star Nominations - A JOKE!

You know Xmas is only around the corner when we start talking All Star nominations! Every year there is massive debate, every year the list is dominated by the teams that made the All Ireland Final...which begs the question, do these people who create this list actually go to football matches round the country or do they simply watch RTE during August and September!!!

Overall there are 13 counties represented on the list from which this year's final All Stars selection will be made at the end of next month. 13 is great, and I was delighted to see some Longford lads included, but why are so many other great inter-county players left out each year....

It reminds me of the line you often hear about Kevin Nolan, that he would def be in the England squad if he played for a top four team in the premiership. Well this years nominations:

All-Ireland champions Kerry lead the way in this year's Vodafone football All Stars nominations list with nine players.

Dublin are the next most recognised county with eight and All-Ireland finalists Mayo come in with six names.

Munster and Ulster champions Cork and Armagh are next with five representatives and as I said earlier, Longford's good run in the qualifiers is reflected in the choice of two of their players, Paul Barden and Brian Kavanagh.

None of last year's All-Ireland champions have been included, a reflection of the troubled and injury-blighted season that Tyrone endured in 2006.

The county breakdown is Kerry (nine), Dublin (eight), Mayo (six), Armagh (five), Cork (five), Donegal (two), Laois (two), Offaly (two), Longford (two), Westmeath (one), Fermanagh (one), Galway (one), Derry (one).

But let us be honest, An All Star nomination should be for a player who has represented his county to the peak of his ability - doing heroric things, and pushing his team to victory....

Eight from the Dublin team...GIVE ME A BREAK...what a joke....where are the players from Leitrim, Waterford, Limerick, Down, Derry, Carlow...I could keep going, there is def one player from each county who shone brigthly this summer, surely they deserved to be recognised ahead of some of the passangers that got in on the coat tails of their team mates.


The real special 1 said...

Im afraid its true that the weaker counties are regularly overlooked for all-star nominations. Unfortunately the fact that counties such as Waterford, Wicklow, Leitrim etc tend not to advance far in the championship means that the main players on those teams are not seen. Although these players may have had great league campaigns the all-star selectors seem to regard the competition like the carling cup. Ger Brady would have his name in the hat alng with Austin O'Malley (Who didnt get a look in during the Championshp)
The nomination of 8 dubs is indeed a joke but the only one that has a chance is Alan Brogan who is a certainty for centre forward. The forward lines pick themselves with Alan Dillon and Paul Galvin on the wings. Mortimor, Donaghy and Clarke should make up the inside line. Aside from the final where they never got involved Mortimor and Dillon had great years. It will be interesting to see who partners O'Se at midfield. I feel McGarritys' final performance will cost him and Murphy getting a place instead.
The defence requires a lot more thought and there will be outcry no matter who is picked.
I feel the all-stars gets to much publicity and seems to have an importance it shouldnt have. The fact that people will always have a bias towards certain counties and players ( Peter Canavan last year for example) means that it will never be a neutral decision.
Unless the criteria for selection changes the big guns will mop up most of the honours with exceptionl players from weaker counties fighting for scraps.

The Special One. said...

Would the REAL Special One please stand up! I feel i must put a stop to this masked Charlatan who feels that my name will add weight to his comments and claims. I am the Special One and will not stand for this intrusion. Perhaps we all should help this unimaginative person with a new name?