Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Emmet in Oz - Part 1

Let me start by saying this.. Ive always had a very strong connection with Labradors! Well here I am. Im my new home town, Freo. Its very nice, got a sheep port, and more restaurants and bars than you could hop a kangaroo over! College starts in two weeks, so Im in the process of getting my bearings and hopefully drinking some of them when I meet Brian tonight!I arrived in Oz yesterday morning predictably tired, but surprisingly hung over from Hong Kong (for the record HK is amazing, so well organised. I think they should knock every city in the world and build 10 giant Hong Kongs..the streets are escalators.. enough said!) At this point I was waiting in the customs hall when the female equivalent of Steve Irwin came bounding towards me, made no small show of pointing a very live and enthusiastic golden lab towards my crotch. There, in Perth Airport, before 300 amazed Chinese people, Skippy The Bush Sniffer Dog preformed a miracle, the likes of not seen since the loaves and fishes, proceeded to transform one jet lagged Limerick Man into a walking talking kilo of cocaine!Que much unpacking of bags, x raying of guitars, whisperings of terrorism, surroundings by police men and much gnashing of teeth. the few bits of dirt on my rugby boots nearly caused as much furore as my supposed drug trafficking. This wasn't helped by the fact that my only contact in Perth was, in OC terms The Chino kid (Rockingham, where Brian is from, is supposedly 'rough') and that I had met him in South America where we were 'surfing') (Hmmm said the customs official!) It all ended up in a good honest frisking.. let me just say I haven't been touched like that since Irish college!So that's me, thanks so much for all the texts and calls and drinks before I headed. Meant a lot, Oh you guys!!Hope all's well!Tie me kangaroo down

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